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Russia – Global Education Program

Objective: The Global Education Program (GEP) is a new Russian government-sponsored funding program. Under the program, Russian Federation citizens will be offered a unique opportunity for graduate and postgraduate study (Master’s, PhD, and Residency level) at the leading foreign higher education institutions that provide educational programs at a quality that meets the highest international standards. Programs can be in five areas of study: science, engineering, medicine, education and management in social sphere.

Upon completion of their studies the program participants are expected to return to Russia and obtain employment with a Russian organization in accordance with the qualification gained. The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO operates this program.

Program Highlights

The GEP will cover:

NOTE: The total expenditure for one year of study may not exceed 1 381 800 rubles (~$31,000 CDN Dollars).

For the information about the regulations on tuition fees and other expenses, please visit the "Regulations" section on the official website of the Program.

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