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Graduate Donor Award Overview

This web page is designed to guide Faculty graduate donor experts along the appropriate steps for creating, revising and discontinuing graduate donor awards at Western and ensure transparency throughout the various processes involved.

Donor funded awards are made possible by generous donations from alumni, corporations, foundations and other friends of Western in support of student scholarship. Once graduate donor awards/scholarships are established, it is our goal to ensure that 100% of donor awards are distributed each and every year that they are available.

For a comprehensive listing of all current donor funded awards available to graduate students at Western, please visit our Donor Funded Award Search.

Policies Governing Graduate Donor Awards

Donor funded graduate awards are initially arranged with Alumni Relations and Development. Once drafted the terms and conditions are submitted to the Senate Sub-committee to Review Scholarships (SRS).

For the terms or reference for this sub-committee visit this website. The University governs scholarships, awards and prizes under its MAPP Policy Section 2.10 and naming of awards in its MAPP Policy Section 1.44.

Endowed funds provide a stable, reliable source of funding.  Financial managers invest the principal amount to obtain above average returns and sustain long-term growth with a minimum of risk.

The Process of a Graduate Donor Award

The Revision and/or Discontinuation of a Graduate Donor Award 

Graduate donor awards can be revised or discontinued for a number of reasons, including changes in funding, changes in the awarding program or changes in the degree.  If a change or discontinuation is required, the faculty representative should contact SGPS first.  Approvals of changes or discontinuation must be approved by SRS only.

The Role of SGPS/ARD/Finance in the Donor Award Process

The Role of Graduate Programs/Faculties in the Donor Award Process

Western University, Graduate Studies - Donor Funds

Donor Award Best Practice - Terms and Conditions

Effectively written donor agreements are paramount to ensuring the funds are given to a graduate student. ARD, in the first instance, drafts the donor agreements and we need to ensure that each agreement has the following three main components:

Example of best practice:

Awarded annually to a full-time graduate student in Biology (Masters or Doctoral), with preference to a student working in the broad area of plant sciences, who exemplifies a balance of research with the commitments of university, social and/or family activities. Applications can be submitted to the Graduate Office in the Department of Biology by July 15th.

Value: 1 at $650

Activation of Graduate Donor Awards in a New Fiscal Year

 Each new fiscal year begins May 1 and ends April 30.  Before activating graduate donor awards for the fiscal year, SGPS follows this annual process:

Glossary of Terms

Endowed - a lump sum given to the University to support an award in perpetuity
Term Funded - a lump sum given to the University to support an award over a given length of time (ex. 5 years)
Annually Funded - donor supports the award with yearly donations
OTSS/OSOTF/OSOTF II - recipients must be Ontario residents and have financial need

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