Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

Graduate Scholarship Contacts at Western

Graduate Program Contact Email
American Studies Kara Brown kbrow@uwo.ca 
Anatomy and Cell Biology Jacqui Saunders jsaund25@uwo.ca
Ancient Philosophy Meghan Magowan mtalbot3@uwo.ca 
Anthropology Christine Wall cwall4@uwo.ca
Applied Mathematics Audrey Kager akager@uwo.ca
Astronomy Brian Davis bdavis66@uwo.ca
Biochemistry Barb Green barb.green@schulich.uwo.ca
Biology Carol Curtis clcurtis@uwo.ca
Biomedical Engineering Christine Ellwood cpalme45@uwo.ca
Business Administration (Doctoral) Carly Vanderheyden cvanderheyden@ivey.ca
Business Administration (Master's) Jutta Abernethy jabernethy@ivey.ca
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Whitney Barrett wbarret2@uwo.ca
Chemistry Darlene McDonald dhagen@uwo.ca
Civil and Environmental Engineering Whitney Barrett wbarret2@uwo.ca 
Classics Kathleen Beharrell kbeharr@uwo.ca
Communication Sciences and Disorders Janet Harman jharman3@uwo.ca
Comparative Literature Sylvia Kontra skontra@uwo.ca
Computer Science Janice Wiersma janice@csd.uwo.ca
Design and Manufacturing Engineering Whitney Barrett wbarret2@uwo.ca
Driving Rehab Andrea Baker abaker56@uwo.ca 
Economics Sandra Augustine saugust2@uwo.ca
Education Jennifer Davila/Alyson Watson jdavila3@uwo.ca  awatso62@uwo.ca
Electrical and Computer Engineering Whitney Barrett wbarret2@uwo.ca
English Leanne Trask leanne.trask@uwo.ca
Environment and Sustainability Holly Sanderson hsanders@uwo.ca
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Sarah Guerrero sarah.guerrero@schulich.uwo.ca  
Family Medicine Liz McInnis liz.mcInnis@schulich.uwo.ca
Financial Economics Kara Malott kara.malott@uwo.ca
Foods and Nutrition (Thesis) Stephanie Turnbull sturnbu6@uwo.ca
French Studies Chrisanthi Ballas frgrpr@uwo.ca
Geography Lori Johnson ljohns24@uwo.ca
Geology Amy Wickham awickham@uwo.ca
Geophysics Amy Wickham awickham@uwo.ca
Health and Rehab Sciences Erica Ochoa Cadavid eochoaca@uwo.ca
Health Information Science Louise Jackman ljackman@uwo.ca
Hispanic Studies Sylvia Kontra skontra@uwo.ca
History Kara Brown kbrow@uwo.ca
Journalism Louise Jackman ljackman@uwo.ca
Kinesiology Jenn Plaskett jennifer.plaskett@uwo.ca
Law Mary Morris mmorr2@uwo.ca
Law, Studies in Mary Morris mmorr2@uwo.ca
Library and Information Science Louise Jackman ljackman@uwo.ca
Linguistics Chrisanthi Ballas linguist-ma@uwo.ca
Management Jutta Abernethy jabernethy@ivey.ca
Management of Applied Science Jennifer Dungavell jdungave@uwo.ca 
Mathematics Audrey Kager akager@uwo.ca
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Whitney Barrett wbarret2@uwo.ca
Media Studies Louise Jackman ljackman@uwo.ca
Medical Biophysics Kathleen Petts kathleen.petts@schulich.uwo.ca
Microbiology and Immunology Fernanda Russell frussel@uwo.ca 
Music Audrey Yardley-Jones ayardley@uwo.ca
Neuroscience Susan Simpson neuroscience@uwo.ca
Nuclear Engineering Whitney Barrett wbarret2@uwo.ca
Nursing Angela Law alaw1@uwo.ca
Occupational Therapy Andrea Baker abaker56@uwo.ca
Orthodontics Jacquie Geneau jacqueline.geneau@schulich.uwo.ca
Pathology Tracey Koning tracey.koning@schulich.uwo.ca
Pathology Assistant Tracey Koning tracey.koning@schulich.uwo.ca
Philosophy Meghan Magowan mtalbot3@uwo.ca
Physical Therapy (MPT) Donna Beer dbeer@uwo.ca
Physical Therapy (MClSc) Cheryl Harding charding@uwo.ca
Physics Brian Davis bdavis66@uwo.ca
Physiology and Pharmacology Susan McMillan susan.mcmillan@schulich.uwo.ca
Political Science Teresa McLauchlan tmclauch@uwo.ca
Popular Music and Culture Audrey Yardley-Jones ayardley@uwo.ca
Psychology Stephanie Saar stephanie.saar@uwo.ca
Public Administration Josh Morgan jmorga8@uwo.ca
Public Health Courtney Hambides courtney.hambides@schulich.uwo.ca 
Social Work Samantha Pearson samantha.pearson@kings.uwo.ca 
Sociology Sandra Vilovski svilovsk@uwo.ca
Statistics and Actuarial Science Audrey Kager akager@uwo.ca
Surgery Janice Sutherland janice.sutherland@sjhc.london.on.ca 
Theology Sandra Rice srice@huron.uwo.ca
Theory and Criticism Melanie Caldwell mcaldwe2@uwo.ca
Visual Arts Paula Dias pdias@uwo.ca
Women's Studies and Feminist Research Betty Thompson bthomps2@uwo.ca 

Important Note: If your designation as a Graduate Scholarship Contact (GSC) for your area has changed, please notify SGPS (pmenzies@uwo.ca) as soon as possible.

Current Graduate Scholarship Contacts (GSC)

It is the expectation of the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) that the GSC:

Refresher Workshops for Graduate Scholarship Contacts

SGPS is committed to offering ongoing training for all GSC's who work in the new External Funding Portfolio in Student Center. Active coaching is available throughout the year for any coordinators who request it.

During the month of September, SGPS will host training workshops for external scholarship coordinators in a laboratory environment to review and walk through the business of coordinating competitions in the program, including hands-on help navigating the External Funding Portfolio to set up and maintain applications in competition. For more information, please visit SGPS Development Series - Scholarship Applications.