Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

Student Center Funds

1. Graduate programs nominate eligible students for funding for upcoming term.  Target dates as follows (general rule is two weeks prior to new term starting):

Once nominated, funds will appear as “Anticipated Aid” in the student center.

2. SGPS awards funds for all students receiving an external scholarship (OGS, QEII, NSERC, SSHRC) within the upcoming term.  Once funds have been awarded they will appear as “Anticipated Aid” in the student center.

3. Mass authorize and disburse of all program funding and external scholarships to be done first business day of new term.  Dates as follows:

All funds will be issued towards any outstanding fees owing in students student center. 

4. Tuition fees are due generally five business days into term.  Target dates are as follows:

5. Graduate student payments are issued every Tuesday evening from the Student Center beginning the second Tuesday of each term.  Dates are as follows:

6. Payments for graduate students through the student center will be issued in one of two ways: Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is available to any graduate student who provides Western with an active bank account using MyHumanResources self service application using their HR Western computer account login and password (which may be the same as their student account). Graduate students with questions regarding their Human Resources account may call 519-661-2194. A graduate student receiving a payment to their bank account will be sent an email the day the payment has been issued.

In cases where a graduate student has not provided a bank account a cheque is printed and distributed to the student's program.