Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

The Advisor Center Project

Faculty members who supervise graduate students are responsible for ensuring their students progress through their degree requirements with the goal of completing a degree within an expected duration.   Each supervisor is required to monitor and approve the annual progress of their students.  Departments on campus present various methods to support this partnership however at present there is no centralized technology for supervisors to connect with students under their supervision.  Instead faculty members call upon their students or administrators to provide this data as required. 

The implementation of the Advisor Center module of Faculty Center within the PeopleSoft Student Center environment will make it possible for supervisors to directly track the progress and plans of each of their students directly within the Campus Solutions software.  In addition, it will provide supervisors with an interface that will simplify communicating with their students.

This project also includes a new collection process for supervisor data within the Student Center system. A positive outcome of the project will be accurate and complete supervision data to support institutional planning as well as an understanding of who is responsible for the progression requirements for students (i.e. who supervises whom).

Resources for Staff

  • Access to the Graduate Student Advisor page was released to graduate administrators on November 12, 2012.
  • Workshops on how to use the new Graduate Student Advisor page were available on:
    • Wednesday, November 14
    • Friday, November 16 
    • Monday, November 19 
  • If you require a refresher on the training please email Matt Dumouchel at mdumouc2@uwo.ca.

Resources for Faculty

    • Access to the Advisor Center was released to all faculty members holding SGPS Membership in May 2013. 
    • Supervisor data populated by graduate programs.
    • If any students are missing from your list please contact your graduate student administrator.

    In addition to the direct deliverables available through the vanilla format of Faculty Center, SGPS is hopeful to implement additional future services to faculty members registered with SGPS membership.  These would currently include a custom formal annual progress report workflow process and an admissions module for graduate application assessment. 

    This is foundational for future known improvements:

    This is not foundational for future and current projects that have the same Person Data/User Profile requirements.  This project will offer a solution for the sub set of faculty members only – specifically the SGPS Membership group.