Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

Thesis Chairs

On behalf of The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who chaired thesis examinations in the Fall 2015 term.

Their dedication to the success of our graduate students is made evident through their willingness to give of their time despite their busy schedules. Their contribution at such a crucial time in the career of a graduate student helps to ensure that we are providing the best experience possible.

Once again, a warm thank you to those listed below for this important contribution to graduate education:


Aaron Price – Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Aleksander Essex – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ana Luisa Trejos – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Andrew Hrymak - Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Elvis Chen – Electrical and Computer Engineering
George Knopf – Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Jose E. Herrera – Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Julie Shang – Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kazimierz Adamiak - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Remus Tutunea-Fatan – Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Roger Khayat – Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Shahzad Barghi – Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Slobodan Simonovic – Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tony Straatman – Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Alex Buchel - Applied Mathematics
Ben Rubin – Biology
Burns Cheadle – Geology
David Stanford – Statistics
Desmond Moser – Geophysics
Douglas Woolford – Statistics
Francois Lagugne-Labarthet - Chemistry
Fredrik Odegaard - Applied Mathematics
Graham Denham – Mathematics
Greg Kelly – Biology
Hao Yu – Statistics
Johanna Blacquiere – Chemistry
John deBruyn - Physics and Astronomy
Lars Konermann - Chemistry
Lyudmila Goncharova - Physics
Mahmoud El-Sakka - Computer Science
Ricardas Zitikis – Statistics
Tony Percival-Smith - Biology
Volodya Miransky – Physics
Xingfu Zou - Applied Mathematics
Yolanda Morbey - Biology

Social Science

Adriana Premat – Anthropology
Andres Perez - Political Science
Andrew Nelson – Anthropology
Belinda Dodson – Anthropology
Brian Timney -  Social Science
Brock Millman - History
Charles Trick – Anthropology
Godwin Arku – Geography
Ingrid Connidis - Sociology
James Olson - Psychology
Joan Finegan - Psychology
Jonathan Vance – History
Ken McRae - Psychology
Nicholas Kuiper – Psychology
Paul Frewan – Psychology
Samuel Clark – Sociology


Alan Leschied
Jacqueline Specht
Rachel Heydon
Saad Chahine


Amardeep Thind - Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Bryan Heit - Microbiology and Immunology
Christopher Ellis - Medical Biophysics
Daniel Hardy - Physiology and Pharmacology
Grace Parraga -Medical Biophysics
Harvey Goldberg - Biochemistry
Jamie Kramer -  Physiology and Pharmacology
Jean Theberge - Medical Biophysics
Jimmy Dikeakos - Microbiology and Immunology
John DiGuglielmo - Physiology and Pharmacology
Martin McGavin - Microbiology and Immunology
Murray Junop - Biochemistry
Nagalingam Rajakumar - Anatomy and Cell Biology
Peter Cidiac - Physiology and Pharmacology
Sean Gill - Physiology and Pharmacology
Stefan Everling - Physiology and Pharmacology
Stephen Renaud - Anatomy and Cell Biology
Susan Koval - Microbiology and Immunology
Susanne Schmid - Anatomy & Cell Biology
Tim Regnault - Phyiology and Pharmacology

Health Sciences

Alan Salmoni – Kinesiology
Angie Mandich – Occupational Therapy
Anne Kinsella – Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Charles Rice – Kinesiology
Greg Marsh – Kinesiology
J.B. Orange – Comuunication Sciences and Disorders
Jan Polgar – Occupational Therapy
Trish Tucker – Occupational Therapy


Amanda Grzby
Carole Farber
Susan Knabe

Arts and Humanities

Barry Hoffmaster – Philosophy
Bipasha Baruah - Women's Studies
Bonnie MacLachlan – Classics
Christopher Keep - English
Jeff Tennant – French
John Thorp – Philosophy
Lorne Falkenstein - Philosophy

Business Administration

Glenn Rowe


Lorraine Davies
Miriam Capretz