Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies


Appointment End Date

If you come to the natural end of your contract, and that is the date that was entered onto the Human Resource system when you were set up or at the time your contract was extended, then nothing more needs to be done. The system will automatically generate a "termination" on that date.

A certificate of completion can be requested, by email-ing mharmos@uwo.ca Please confirm the start date and end date of your postdoctoral appointment, indicate your funding agency or any other information you would like to apear on the certificate.


The appointment Agreement or Contract may be terminated for any reason by either the Postdoctoral Scholar or the faculty researcher giving notice in writing in accordance with the terms of the prevailing Contract or Agreement.

If you end your contract early, either because you leave/resign or are terminated in accordance with the prevailing Contract or Agreement, funding ends, etc., then a Termination Notice needs to be completed by the department or faculty and forwarded to Human Resources. This will enable Human Resources to remove you from the system on the appropriate date and ensure that payment ends at that time, etc.

*It is the responsibility of the department/faculty to complete all the necessary paperwork regarding postdoctoral scholars and submit it to Human Resources.