Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

Application and Admissions

International Transcript Assessment Drop-In Sessions

SGPS offers a drop-in session for program administrators who are having difficulty with assessing international transcripts for admissions. This session is offered during the admissions season (March), and administrators are encouraged to bring these international transcripts with them for hands-on assistance.

New Graduate Assistant Training

New Graduate Program Assistants must attend a training session with SGPS in order to be granted grad-level access to the Student Center, GradNet, and Laserfiche as appropriate. At this session, the new staffperson will be provided with documentation and hands-on training within the Student Center. S/he will be introduced to the SGPS staff and is encouraged to bring any initial questions or concerns to the training session.

These sessions are ongoing and are coordinated with new staff hires.

Application and Reference System Workshop

SGPS hosts annual workshops designed to gather Graduate Program Assistants who are interested in a refresher on the current application and the various support systems in place designed to facilitate the application process from initial application through to generating the offer of admission. These workshops are scheduled in connection with the reopening of the graduate application in early October each year.

Laserfiche Training and Update Session

SGPS hosts workshops designed to bring together users of the Laserfiche software with the hopes of generating collective feedback on the product as well as sharing best practices with how both records and applications are being managed within the software. These workshops are generally held to coincide with the opening of the graduate application in early October each year.