Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

General Information and Support

Graduate Chairs Monthly Lunches

Monthly Lunches provide an opportunity for graduate chairs to express their concerns and share their ideas in an informal context. They take place once per month and do not have a formal agenda in place.

Associate/Assistant Dean Monthly Support Meetings

The Monthly Support Meetings are an opportunity for Associate/Assistant Deans and senior members of SGPS to formally express their concerns and share their ideas.

Summer Refresher Series

The Summer Refresher Series is an information session designed for graduate program administrators, and is offered twice during the summer months. SGPS staff present on new initiatives, process, policy, and technology introduced within the last year, as well as upcoming changes. Graduate program administrators are also welcome to recommend topics to be reviewed in the Series.

The Series takes place in July and August each year.

Annual Divisional Workshop and Support Session

The SGPS staff team will visit each faculty, school, or affiliate college with a graduate program annually. Each division, including graduate program assistants, graduate chairs, and any other graduate studies administrators, will be asked to create the agenda for their specific workshop to address any and all questions that they have for the SGPS team. Agenda items and questions may relate to any area within graduate studies at Western and will be addressed by the SGPS team.

Workshop for Graduate Supervisors

The SGPS Development Series is pleased to host an upcoming skill-building workshop for Faculty of Science Graduate Supervisors on the topic of effective communication and relationship building with students and lab members (graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and undergraduate students). At this workshop, you will hear about tried and true methods used by two successful graduate supervisors with experience in mentoring students and creating a cohesive environment in their labs. You will learn and practise effective ways to provide feedback, address problematic behaviours, and have difficult conversations with students/postdocs.

Workshop leaders are Lina Dagnino (Physiology and Pharmacology), David Shoesmith (Chemistry), and Peggy Roffey (Human Resources and Department of English).

This session will be hosted in January.