Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

Leadership Training and Career Support

Leaving the Ivory Tower: What Else You Can Do With a Graduate Degree

The goal of this workshop is to support graduate students and postdoctoral scholars as they explore employment options outside of academia, and to assist them in developing strategies to identify and articulate their skills and value to employers.

This session is facilitated by counsellors in the Student Success Centre and operates on a per-request basis via graduate programs. Interested students and postdoctoral scholars can submit a request for this workshop to be hosted in their department, either through their graduate program assistant or student council. This ensures the workshop is tailored to participants' specific skillsets and viable career paths. For more information, please contact Wesley Moir.

Non-Academic Drop-In Sessions

Drop-in sessions for students looking for career advice and assistance are available every week in the Student Success Centre.

Counsellors are available every Tuesday morning (9-12) and Wednesday afternoon (1-4) in the University Community Centre (UCC) Rm 210.

Preparing for Non-Academic Employment

Preparing for Non-Academic Employment is a one week program for PhD students and postdoctoral scholars, offered in collaboration with the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and the Student Success Center.

Participants work in a small group setting with other PhD candidates, staff members and employers to prepare for the process of job searching outside of the academy. Topics might include: Self-assessment, Transferable skills identification, the Targeted Job Search, From CV to resume, The Art of Networking, Understanding the Employers’ Perspective, Refining your Interview Skills and Follow-up and Negotiation Strategies.

Preparing for Non-Academic Employment takes place in mid-May each year.

Put It Into Practice Conference

This conference exposes current and prospective graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to the abundance of opportunity that exists for getting involved in local and global communities. Learn how you can apply your knowledge and skills now and build the much needed practical experience that will help prepare you for successful academic and non-academic careers.

When: Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Where: UCC 290

Graduate Career Day

This event provides graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with the opportunity to gain valuable information about landing both academic and non-academic positions and will be comprised of a series of workshops on networking to a non-academic position, preparing for academic and non-academic interviews, negotiating first faculty contracts, and alumni panel discussions.

Graduate Career Day is part of Career Week, which is comprised of events and activities across campus, created and run by campus partners. The week includes workshops on experiential learning and leadership, career services open houses, speakers, career displays, employers’ panels, alumni panels, career maps for international students and students with disabilities, employer information sessions, employers’ presentations, orientation in library and electronic resources.

Date: Friday, February 8, 2013
Registration is now open; visit the "Events" tab at westerncareercentral.ca to register.