Career Development


Western University offers a variety of excellent resources for you to invest in your personal and professional growth. The Career Development site is a central resource that lists all professional development resources available to graduate students, including online modules and discipline-specific resources.

Discover opportunities to improve your ability to communicate complex ideas, foster positive working relationships, manage projects and teams, promote work-life balance, engage learners, navigate effectively through cultural and social diversity, and develop strategies to launch your career.

For resources exclusive to doctoral students, visit the Own Your Future website. Doctoral students have the right to and are strongly encouraged to participate in Own Your Future

If you are graduate student studying in a research-based program looking to participate in an internship, please visit our section on the Graduate Student Internship Program for more information.

For more resources exclusive to postdoctoral scholars, visit the Competitive Edge page. 

Resource Compendium

SGPS has collected career development opportunities available to graduate students across campus and indexed them under categories we hope support you in your personal and professional growth.

SGPS encourages you to take advantage of these resources to: 

  • Strategically expand your knowledge base and skillset
  • Set personal and professional priorities that support goal achievement and wellness
  • Make career decisions that reflect an understanding of the labour market, personal strengths, challenges and desires