Graduate students are at the core of Western's excellence in research and education; immersed in the evolving world of progressive academic study.

At Western, you work and study alongside educators and researchers at the forefront of their fields; bridging outstanding undergraduates and world-class faculty. Your ideas reshape the future of our world.

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies strives to enhance a passion for the pursuit of knowledge and original thought within the graduate and postdoctoral community at Western.


Graduate students must maintain continuous registration in the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in each successive term from initial registration until all requirements for the degree are completed.  SGPS coordinates the administration of changes to your registration status as requested.  Those changes proceed through various channels of approval.  For more information on these requests please select the required change below: 

Collaborative Specializations

A collaborative specialization is created by two or more graduate programs at Western bringing their experience and expertise together in order to provide graduate students with an opportunity for advanced interdisciplinary studies in a field of studies beyond their home program.  The result is a unique student experience combining a broad base home program curriculum with a more focused development within a particular collaborative area.  Upon completion, students earn a degree enhanced by the resources and requirements of both programs.

Thesis/Dissertation Support

Your thesis is the final work of your time in graduate school. You should begin planning your thesis from the very start of your degree program.  These pages are designed to help you begin crafting your thesis and support you on the path towards its eventual publication.  SGPS' Thesis Guide is designed to assist students in the creation, submission, examination and eventual publication of their thesis.  It is divided into six sections: